Hulk Halloween Contact Lenses

Bring out your alter ego and make a statement with our Hulk Halloween contact lenses! The incredible Hulk is a fictional comic book hero published by Marvel comics and created by Stan Lee. The plot revolves around the main protagonist Dr Bruce Banner. An explosion of a gamma bomb leads to extreme complications and Dr Banner will transform in to the raging, giant monster, Hulk.

Hulk is an iconic green colour with human characteristics, thatÆs why with Hulk Halloween contact lenses itÆs simple to re-create this costume. Hulk becomes stronger and angrier when Dr Banner does, to impersonate Hulk it is important you also take on the aspects of his personality.

Hulk Halloween Contact Lenses

Hulk Halloween Costume Ideas

There are loads of different ways you can create a Hulk costume. If you are going for a traditional look green body paint and a torn up smart suit will impress those around you.

For women, if you want a more modern She-Hulk look then I recommend you make it look as unique as possible. This can be achieved by using neon green body paint, face and body glitter gel and even green hair dye! Shred on old party dress to keep your style distinctive. Neon green body paint shines brightly under UV light, this makes a bold statement and will scare your friends at this years Halloween party.

Hulk Halloween contact lenses will complete your Hulk look effortlessly. They add an extra bit of realism that will bring your costume to life. All our ColourVue contact lenses are made from patented hydrogel material that keeps your eyes safe, comfortable and hydrated for longer. Our Hulk contacts have a fantastic one year life span once opened and are sold as a pair! Enjoy an iconic fashionable look at a cost effective price.

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