Halloween Makeup Ideas

Have some fun creating the perfect makeup for your costumes. Here are some ideas and tips on how to create an amazing look this year which will grabs everyone’s attention. Below we have chosen a few looks which can be created with some of our inexpensive makeup.

Sexy Witch Makeup

Create this attractive and eye-catching spider web makeup design using our fabulous range of professional quality makeup. Use our stunning mini luster crèmes to create the base coat on your eye lids. For this particular look use our gorgeous lavender lights crème, this deep and mysterious color will add definition and style to your new look. Simply apply from the inside of your eyelid using your fingertips and fade it out as you reach the corner of your lid and eyebrow. Next use our fantastic Ben Nye black MagiColor liquid body paint over your eyebrow by blending a thin layer which also fades out to the outside of your forehead, you will create an attention grabbing look which everyone will want. This liquid body paint has an attached brush so you can create the intricate spider web design above your eyebrow. Finally copy the exact same steps onto your other eye, smooth our fuchsia fire mini luster crème onto your cheek bones and then apply our extra zig zag false eyelashes to give your look an elegant touch. Now you are ready to show off your beautiful sexy witch makeup.

Scary Blood Makeup

Surprise all your guests with this fabulous yet simple makeup. Turn heads this year and use our Ben Nye red MagiColor liquid body paint, use a sponge and apply around your eyes, forehead and down one cheek. Afterwards use the attached brush to create thin jagged lines and smudge with your finger before it dries. Before the red paint dries apply our black Ben Nye liquid body paint over your eyebrows and into the corners of your eyes. Smudge the edges so you don’t get a smooth running line, you want it to look faded! After the makeup has dried, wear a pair of our thick strand natural false eyelashes on the top of your lashes and a pair on the bottom. If this feels uncomfortable then use your black liquid body paint and create long eyelashes underneath your eye. Grab everyone’s attention and show off this amazing makeup this Halloween, it will never get boring. Wear our stunning white zombie contact lenses to enhance your look even more.

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